tip1 [tip]
[ME tippe, akin to MLowG tip, point, top, Ger zipf- in zipfel, an end, tip, prob. < IE base * dumb-, tail > Avestan duma-, tail]
1. the pointed, tapering, or rounded end or top of something long and slim
2. something attached to the end, as a cap, ferrule, etc.
3. a top or apex, as of a mountain
tipped, tipping
1. to make a tip on
2. to cover the tip or tips of (with something)
3. to serve as the tip of
4. to remove the stems from (berries, etc.)
tip in
to insert (a map, picture, etc.) by pasting along the inner edge in bookbinding
tip of the iceberg
a small difficulty, problem, misdeed, etc. that is thought to be only a part of one larger in scope
tip2 [tip]
tipped, tipping [akin ? to TIP1]
1. to strike lightly and sharply; tap
2. to give a small present of money to (a waiter, porter, etc.) for some service
3. Informal
a) to give secret information to in an attempt to be helpful: often with off
b) to reveal or divulge (a secret, plot, etc.)
4. Baseball
a) to hit (the ball) a glancing blow
b) to glance off (the bat, glove, etc.): said of the ball
5. Sports to deflect or tap (a ball, puck, etc.) in a particular direction, esp. into a goal
to give a tip or tips
1. a light, sharp blow; tap: cf. FOUL TIP
2. a piece of secret information given confidentially in an attempt to be helpful [a tip on the race]
3. a suggestion, hint, warning, etc.
4. a small sum of money, often a percentage of the total billed, given to a waiter, porter, etc. for services; gratuity
5. Sports a deflection or tap of the ball, puck, etc., esp. one that scores a goal
☆ tip one's hand or tip one's mitt
Slang to reveal a secret, one's plans, etc., often inadvertently
tip3 [tip]
tipped, tipping [ME tipen < ?]
1. to overturn or upset: often with over
2. to cause to tilt or slant
3. to raise slightly or touch the brim of (one's hat) in salutation
1. to tilt or slant
2. to overturn or topple: often with over
1. a tipping or being tipped; tilt; slant
2. Brit. a place for dumping rubbish, etc.; dump
tip the scales [see SCALE3]
to give an advantage to one possible outcome over another
tip the scales at
to weigh (a specified amount)

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